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Archived News

September 22-28, 2001

TimeSlice 2.2 is a free upgrade from TimeSlice 2.0 and 2.1.

Microsoft Office v. X is the next version of Microsoft office for the Mac which should be available in November. More information on the new Entourage is also available.

Stuffit Deluxe 6.5 is now available for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.

Badger is a Mac based system for creating security badges as shown in this Apple article.

Mac OS X 10.1 should be very near with many estimating a release in the coming week. is a website for selling used Macs.

A Better Finder Rename version 4.0 is the first full release of the product for Mac OS X.

Pixture Studio has a number of extensions, icons and more.

Mac-HaBu is an accounting application for accountants using the Mac.

Intacct is an online account system which also supports the Mac.

PixNewsMacFREE allows you to automate the download of images from new groups.

Apple cancelled the Paris Expo due to the events of September 11.

The Mac Night Owl is a news and support site.

Sonnet Technologies is offering a "128MB for FREE" DIMM program, a special RAM offering with the purchase of any Sonnet Crescendo/7200 upgrade between September 12 and September 30, 2001.

September 15-21, 2001

Portector is a urethane strip that fits into the ports on the side of an iBook to protect them.

Those who purchase MYOB can use a conversion service from Quickbooks to move data over.

Macanalysis is a network analysis tools which helps to determine your vulnerability to hackers.

NetBarrier is a Mac firewall which is also coming to Mac OS X.

Intego has announce a free download version of NetBarrier to iTools members after KidSafe was shutdown.

CDML Palette is a new application designed to facilitate the creation of Filemaker enabled web solutions.

Codewarrior 7.0 is now available for both Mac OS and Mac OS X.

VideoChat is a video chat program for Mac OS and Mac OS X.

For those looking to run Python on Mac OS X, you can download it here. Other Python info is available as well,

OpenOSX has common UNIX apps that are precompiled and include installers for Mac OS X.

Quark has released a beta of XPress 5.0.

An Apple article on a Cybercafe in San Francisco.

Here is a Mac client for

iMic is a USB device for plugging in Microphones.

REALmaker allows you to create and administer database for use with REALbasic.

Canvas 8 now has a beta version which has been carbonized for Mac OS X.

O'Reilly has a book on REALbasic designed for beginners.

September 8-14, 2001

TimeSlice 2.1.5, the Mac time tracking software, is now available for download.

yiMac is a Macintosh client for, a dynamic DNS service.

ZipIt 2.0 is available and now offers support for Mac OS X.

StyleMaster is a style sheet editor with everything you need to develop, test and deploy sophisticated style sheets.

WebMerge allows you to build HTML pages from a Filemaker database.

A article on the Apple iBook.

Sonnet Technologies shiped improved versions of its Crescendo/7200 processor upgrades, achieving compatibility with industry-standard 168-pin EDO or Fast Page Mode 5 volt DIMMs.

Fry's appears to have resumed discussions over the purchase of Cyberian Outpost.

StickyBrain is a sticky note application for Mac OS Classic and X.

BatControls allows you to appliations, scripts, etc. at specific times.

Steve Jobs showed up at the Henrico School District along with their order of laptops.

SockhoEasyFind allows you to simultaneously search from within any Mac OS X native app, the 6 of the most popular search engines using the language of your choice: German, English, Chinese, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian.

An article on DVD authoring on the Mac compared to PC's.

September 1-7, 2001

Apple has lowered the pricing on the Titanium PowerBook G4. It is now available for $2,199 and $2,999.

An article on Apple in Education.

Apple has confirmed some job cuts/reassignments though is not doing any widespread layoffs.

Time-X is a clock for Mac OS X with skins designed to work in the dock.

The lastest version of Classic Menu, which adds Apple Menu functionality to Mac OS X, has been released.

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows has been released along with its lack of support for Netscape style plug-ins.

Looking for a cruise for Mac lovers... look no further.

As noted on, here is some funny Windows satire.

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