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Merlin Project 4.2 rocks the Dropbox
Posted 3/28/2017 at 16:11 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
ProjectWizards today iannounces Merlin Project 4.2, an update to their market-leading project-management software for macOS. It's now a breeze for project managers who use multiple devices, or who work in small working groups, to keep their projects updated via iCloud Drive or Dropbox - even if they're not running Merlin Server themselves. Merlin Project 4.2 synchronizes all changes automatically, making them available to every project participant.

Hyperbolic Software releases DupeZap 4 - A Modern Duplicate Finder
Posted 3/28/2017 at 16:11 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Hyperbolic Software today introduces DupeZap 4.0, their modern duplicate finder developed exclusively for macOS. Employing a fast search algorithm that quickly and accurately scans any mounted drive volume, DupeZap 4 was written specifically to reclaim disk space being taken up by duplicate files and packages. DupeZap also offers the capability to scan the databases of popular Apple applications such as Photos and iTunes. Version 4.0.0 is completely rewritten using the latest technologies.

MacX MediaTrans 3.5 Gets A Fresh Face for the Easiest iOS Data Transfer
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:11 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
MacXDVD Software today is excited to offer its newly-improved version of MacX MediaTrans 3.5, featuring a striking new user interface to enhance the user experience. MacXDVD brings the most extensive data transfer between computer and iDevices on all iOS versions. The redesigned UI will allow improved responsiveness, extensive usability and cleaner navigation, empowering users to transfer movies, videos, songs, iTunes purchases and other data between iDevices and Mac, quickly and easily.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro 5.5 Conquers all types of Discs with Fastest Speed
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:11 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
MacXDVD today announces MacX DVD Ripper Pro 5.5, a major upgrade to its flagship DVD ripper. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is an extremely popular Mac DVD ripper that is able to rip protected/homemade DVDs to any format fast and efficiently. The latest version is the Mac-oriented ripper that sports hardware acceleration tech that offers a epoch-making breakthrough in speed, drastically shortening the ripping process from several quarters to only 5 minutes.

DraftCode 1.6 released for iOS - Popular PHP development App Updated
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:10 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Wellington based Solesignal Limited today announces DraftCode 1.6, an important update to their popular PHP development App for iOS devices. Allowing offline development of PHP on iPad or iPhone, DraftCode features a code editor with PHP syntax coloring, a light and dark editor theme with variable font size, as well as an easy to use workspace to navigate files and folders. Version 1.6 adds several new features and improvements as well as updates the included PHP to v5.3.60.

IGG Software Announces Public Beta Version, Banktivity 6
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:10 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
IGG Software today announced a public beta version of its new personal finance manager, Banktivity 6. Banktivity aims to be the most complete personal finance software available on both macOS and mobile devices. The new version has been designed from the ground up with customer productivity as the driving goal. The brand new Workspaces feature allows customers to put any account, budget, report, or other view side-by-side. Tags allow users to see and analyze spending habits across categories.

PopChar X 7.7 - the last maintenance release before PopChar 8
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:10 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Ergonis Software today released PopChar X 7.7, an improved version of the company's award-winning tool for finding and inserting special characters and exploring fonts. Version 7.7 offers metrics adjustments for 8 new fonts, in particular some of Google's Noto fonts. This is scheduled to be the last maintenance release for PopChar 7, while Ergonis is already preparing to release the major new version PopChar 8 later this year.

Mosaic - Effortlessly rearrange windows in macOS
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:10 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
UK based developer Light Pillar today reaches out to all Mac users who struggle with the frustration of positioning and resizing their app windows to let them know about how Mosaic can transform their daily lives. While other window managers require you to remember lots of keyboard shortcuts, Mosaic is based on using Drag & Drop. It has been built from the ground up to be really intuitive to use, and lets you get on with being productive in a very elegant way.

ScaleMaster 2 released for macOS - Practice Environment and Reference
Posted 3/26/2017 at 2:09 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
New York based RoGame Software announces ScaleMaster 2, a fantastic new upgrade to the venerable music app for macOS. ScaleMaster 2 was specifically designed to help with scales in a theoretical and practical context. Serving as a practice environment and reference for over 200 scale types, ScaleMaster 2 includes 9 virtual instruments, a music notation interface, a full GM sound library and much more. Version 1.0.3 has been re-designed from the ground up with a very modern interface.

Screen Commander 1.0 released for macOS - New Screen Blanking Utility
Posted 3/20/2017 at 14:34 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Alien Orb Software introduces Screen Commander 1.0, their new screen blanking utility for macOS. Developed for users with multiple displays, Screen Commander lives in the menubar as a small icon and provides screen blanking options at the click of the mouse. It enables anyone to quickly blank other displays while watching a movie, playing a game, or focusing on some work on a particular screen. Effortlessly blank out other screens when they are not needed & quickly unblank them again on demand.

Bel Math Apps introduces Perimeter and Area 1.0 for iPad
Posted 3/20/2017 at 14:33 UTC in iPad by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Bel Math Apps introduces Perimeter and Area 1.0, an iPad application that provides quizzes for calculating the perimeter and area of plane figures, including triangles, rectangles, trapezoids and parallelograms. Perimeter & Area content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards and Singapore Math Practice, and serves grades 3-7. The app helps to discover students' weak spots, and to quickly improve their skills and performance. The same iPad can be used for practice by multiple students.

Winclone 6 for Mac Released by Twocanoes Software
Posted 3/17/2017 at 3:24 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Twocanoes Software has released Winclone 6, an upgrade to its award-winning Boot Camp cloning and migration software for the Mac. Winclone offers the easiest solution for cloning Windows on a Mac Boot Camp partition. The update features support for migrating Boot Camp to new MacBook Pro models, an updated interface, a new toolbar, in-app purchasing, file-based cloning, read/write mounting of NTFS volumes and support for Windows WIM format for package-based deployments.

Dejal Time Out 2.2 Adds Optional Break and App Activity Tracking
Posted 3/17/2017 at 3:23 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Portland based Dejal today announces Time Out 2.2, an update to their popular break reminder app for macOS. Using a computer for hours on end can lead to eye, back, and neck strain. Time Out 2 offers users gentle reminders to take breaks, allowing them to stretch and relax. When a break is due, Time Out slowly dims the screen, and displays a customizable break theme. Version 2.2 adds the ability to optionally track breaks and app activity in a useful chart.

Pubblog Announces New MailSteward 11.4.2
Posted 3/17/2017 at 3:23 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Pubblog today announces MailSteward 11.4.2, an important update to their ultimate email archiving solution for the Mac. MailSteward archives email in a relational database for easy access and safe backup of all your email. Version 11.4.2 fixes a minor bug, and now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service. Easily create a MySQL or Amazon Aurora MySQL database instance on your AWS account using the RDS service and connect to it with MailSteward Pro.

Orderly - gets featured by Apple and tops the charts in productivity
Posted 3/17/2017 at 3:22 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Tekton Technologies today announces Orderly - To-do Lists, Location Based Reminders 3.2, has been featured by Apple on the US App Store and has topped the charts in productivity category. Exclusively designed based on how the human mind visualizes to-do lists, Orderly features, unlimited folders, location based reminders, archiving of notes, cloud sync and awesome themes. Orderly makes sure that a task never goes unnoticed, when you are at a particular location.

MileBug 3.3.5 Fixes Sort Options for Destinations, Purposes and More
Posted 3/17/2017 at 3:22 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Izatt Apps today announces MileBug 3.3.5 for iOS, an update to the popular GPS mile tracker. MileBug is a beautiful GPS mile tracker app that makes it easy to track your tax deductible mileage on your mobile device. It is the perfect electronic mileage log and expense tracker for the mobile professional and entrepreneurs, generating logs that export beautifully for ease of use come tax time. Version 3.3.5 fixes the sort options for the lists of origins, destinations, purposes, and vehicles.

ChronoSync 4.7.4 Improves Sync Efficiency and Performance
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:58 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Florida based Econ Technologies today releases ChronoSync 4.7.4 for macOS. ChronoSync is the multipurpose app for local and cloud backup, bootable clones, and folder synchronizing. ChronoSync can synchronize or backup to most anything you can connect to your Mac, including folders on your Mac, other Macs, PC's, and external drives. Version 4.7.4 offers performance and efficiency improvements, including fixes for a handful of bugs.

iFinance 4.2 released - New 3D Charts, Touch Bar support - 25% Discount
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:57 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Synium Software today announces iFinance 4.2.1, their popular financial tracking app for Mac. Keep track of income and expenses in the most convenient and fastest way. Know immediately what you spend money on and where your income comes from. iFinance 4 offers a broad range of easy-to-customize charts and reports, budgets, automatic categorization, and more. As a special offer, version 4.2.1 is currently available for just $29.99, a 25% discount until March 19th.

Maintain Releases Cocktail 10.3 (Sierra Edition)
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:57 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Maintain today announces Cocktail 10.3 (Sierra Edition), the latest maintenance update for users running macOS Sierra. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for macOS that lets users clean, repair and optimize their Macs. This version adds macOS Sierra 10.12.4 compatibility, ability to change default page zoom for Safari, ability to disable animation when hiding or showing Dock and ability to quit Finder. It also contains improvements on the "Delete localization files" procedure.

Reggie Ashworth announces VidConvert 1.7.2 - Video Conversion made Easy
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:56 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Independent software developer, Reggie Ashworth today announces VidConvert 1.7.2, an update to his popular video converter for Mac OS X. VidConvert is a video converter designed to make converting your videos simple and easy. VidConvert will convert just about any type of video into one of the many popular formats of today. Creating videos for your iPhone or iPad, for your Mac or TV, or formats such as DivX and MPEG are just a click away with VidConvert.

PrimaveraReader available on iOS platform
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:56 UTC in iOS by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Seavus today introduces PrimaveraReader 1.0 for iOS, their new app for opening XER project schedules created and exported from Oracle Primavera P6. PrimaveraReader is aimed towards a wider target audience who work remotely, such as project schedulers, team leads and team members in different industries. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface with many different graphical views, offering an enhanced workflow for anyone working in the field with increased effectiveness.

SecuritySpy 4.1 - Update to macOS Video Surveillance Software
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:56 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
UK based Ben Software today announces SecuritySpy 4.1, an update to the premier multi-camera CCTV software for the Mac. With powerful and flexible recording features, motion-activated events, and remote monitoring and configuration, SecuritySpy is designed for demanding video surveillance applications. This version adds many new features, including new joystick-like Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls, zero-configuration email sending, and performance improvements.

MailButler Launches The New Business Plan With Incredible Team Features
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:56 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
Feingeist Software GmbH today announced that MailButler is now available in a Business version. MailButler is the personal assistant for Apple Mail so popular among Apple enthusiasts for its remarkable array of email management tools. The new Business plan includes a variety of features, which ensure complete control over the email flow for teams. Advanced Tracking allows anyone to see when, where, how often, with what kind of device, and in which email client your messages have been viewed.

Moneyspire Announces New Lower Pricing For Its Personal Finance Software
Posted 3/12/2017 at 0:55 UTC in Mac by Greg Nye | Permalink | Tweet
California based Moneyspire Inc. today announces new lower pricing for Moneyspire 2017, the company's personal finance software for Mac, Windows and iOS. Organize your transactions and see where your money is going. Moneyspire brings your entire financial life together in one place, and helps give you peace of mind. Keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards and so much more. Set bill reminders and see all your upcoming payments so you never forget to pay a bill again.

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