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July 2002 Archived News

PowerMail 4.0 (Posted 7/31/2002 at 8:22 AM)
PowerMail 4.0, the e-mail application for Macintosh, is natively supported both on Mac OS X (Carbon) and Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2.1. The new release includes many new feature enhancements.

UpdateRadar (Posted 7/30/2002 at 1:33 PM)
UpdateRadar is a program tracker - it keeps track of your programs and notifies you when they need to be updated.

NewsHunter 2.0.3 (Posted 7/30/2002 at 1:16 PM)
NewsHunter 2.0.3 is available with a number of bug fixes.

24U PlaySound Plug-In (Posted 7/29/2002 at 7:49 AM)
24U PlaySound Plug-In allows your FileMaker Pro databses to play your own custom sounds on Windows and Macintosh computers.

Archer 2.2.0 (Posted 7/28/2002 at 12:52 PM)
Archer is a small, fast slide show player that supports audio and video as well as still images.

Tutorial for Apple's Backup (Posted 7/28/2002 at 9:37 AM)
For those wanting a tutorial on Apple's new Backup software, available as part of .Mac, there is now one available online.

Fire 0.31.b (Posted 7/28/2002 at 9:24 AM)
An update to the cross-service instant messaging application Fire has been released.

SketchUp (Posted 7/28/2002 at 8:40 AM)
SketchUp combines a compact yet robust tool-set with an intelligent guidance system that streamlines the 3D drawing process.

Pop-Up Zapper (Posted 7/28/2002 at 8:38 AM)
Pop-Up Zapper is a shareware utility for Mac OS X that zaps those pesky popup windows when browsing the web.

Move2Mac (Posted 7/25/2002 at 11:48 AM)
Move2Mac quickly and easily transfers your music, photos, files and folders for you from a Windows machine to a Mac.

Chimera 0.4 (Posted 7/25/2002 at 9:16 AM)
A new version of Chimera has been released and is available for download.

Caem 4.0.4 (Posted 7/24/2002 at 10:33 AM)
Caem offers advanced anonymity techniques that completely remove any identification headers that could point back to the sender, which means you can send secure, completely anonymous email without having to worry about the mail beng traced back. Note: We at Maccentric assume there are valid uses for such a utility beyond the sending of SPAM which we do not endorse

Stuart Cheshire on Rendezvous (Posted 7/24/2002 at 10:19 AM)
Stuart Cheshire speaks about the Rendezvous technology, also known in the industry as ZEROCONF Working Group.

Phil Schiller Talks About MacWorld Announcements (Posted 7/24/2002 at 10:11 AM)
Phil Schiller talks about converting Windows users, the price of Jaguar, and the "challenge" facing Microsoft.

A Better Finder Rename 4.8 (Posted 7/24/2002 at 10:02 AM)
A Better Finder Rename 4.8 for Mac OS 9 & OS X adds the ability to rename a file to its modification or creation date.

Disc Recording Update (Posted 7/23/2002 at 10:59 AM)
Apple released the Disc Recording Update which delivers additional iTunes and Finder support for a number of LaCie, EZquest, and Iomega CD-R devices. This update is available through Software Update.

Flying Toasters are Back... (Posted 7/23/2002 at 10:06 AM)
The moment all you After Dark fans have been waiting for has arrived at last, you can finally have those toasters flying across your OS X screen.

oXygen (Posted 7/23/2002 at 9:47 AM)
oXygen is an XML editor which runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.

iDisk Utility (Posted 7/23/2002 at 9:45 AM)
Apple has released an iDisk Utility which allows you to modify settings on your iDisk.

JaneBUILDER (Posted 7/20/2002 at 10:29 PM)
JaneBUILDER allows users to build complex PHP pages with ease. The files created are native PHP (text) files that can be opened by any html tool or text editor and uploaded to your web server for deployment.

MobileSync 0.9 (Posted 7/20/2002 at 6:12 PM)
MobileSync keeps your PIM application and your mobile devices in sync with each other's changes. Currently, MobileSync ships with a conduit for the contact list in Entourage and a transport plugin for Bluetooth IrMC Synchronization.

Steve Jobs on Innovation, Switchers and Intel chips (Posted 7/19/2002 at 11:52 AM)
A MacCentral article with comments from Steve Jobs on innovation, switchers and Intel chips.

NewsHunter 2.0.2 (Posted 7/19/2002 at 11:48 AM)
NewsHunter allows you to quickly and easily download files from usenet newsgroups.

MacWorld New York 2002 (Posted 7/19/2002 at 11:12 AM)
Apples page on MacWorld New York 2002 including all of their press releases, pictures and so on.

Remote Desktop Connection Client (Posted 7/18/2002 at 6:11 PM)
Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac allows you to connect to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that computer from your Macintosh computer.

REALbasic 4.5 (Posted 7/18/2002 at 1:12 PM)
REAL Software has released REALbasic 4.5 which is now available for download.

iSync and iCal (Posted 7/17/2002 at 6:02 PM)
Apple announced two brand new services to help take control of you digital life, iCal and iSync. They will be available for Mac OS X and offer integration with many of your digital devices.

17-inch Widescreen iMac (Posted 7/17/2002 at 5:57 PM)
Apple announced a new iMac with a 17-inch flat panel widescreen display.

iTunes 3 and new iPods (Posted 7/17/2002 at 5:56 PM)
Apple has announced new iPods as well as iTunes 3.

Apple's .Mac (Posted 7/17/2002 at 5:55 PM)
Apple has changed its iTools service to .Mac which is now a pay service including more features.

Mac OS X 10.2 (Posted 7/17/2002 at 5:52 PM)
Apple announced Jaguar as Mac OS X 10.2 today and the upgrade should ship in August. MacWorld 2002 Report (Posted 7/16/2002 at 8:52 PM) has a MacWorld 2002 Report.

Photoshop Elements for Mac OS X (Posted 7/16/2002 at 7:52 PM)
Photoshop Elements 2.0 is coming and includes support for Mac OS X.

Apple Posts $32 Million Profit (Posted 7/16/2002 at 7:51 PM)
Apple has posted a third quarter profit of $32 million though revenue and margin were down from the same quarter last year.

QuickTime 6 (Posted 7/15/2002 at 5:37 PM)
Apple has released QuickTime 6 after reaching an agreement on the licensing terms with MPEG LA. It is available for download for Mac OS 8 to X and Windows.

Entourage Palm Conduit (Posted 7/15/2002 at 12:08 PM)
The Palm Conduit for Microsoft Entourage is now available for download... AT LAST!

Audion 3 (Posted 7/15/2002 at 10:06 AM)
Audion 3 is a new upgrade to Panic software's MP3 program.

Mariner Write 3.0 (Posted 7/15/2002 at 9:01 AM)
Mariner Write 3.0 delivers performance improvements as well as OS X compatibility, readability of Microsoft Word documents, mail merge functionality, sharing documents by saving as a PDF and spell checking-on-the-fly capabilities.

Password Retriever 3.5.5 (Posted 7/15/2002 at 12:28 AM)
Password Retriever 3.5.5 has adjustments and enhancements to make the user experience more efficient and understandable.

Security Update 7-12-02 (Posted 7/15/2002 at 12:16 AM)
Security Update 7-12-02 delivers a more secure Software Update service to verify that future updates originate from Apple. It is available for download or via Software Update.

Are Mac Users Smarter? (Posted 7/12/2002 at 8:17 PM)
An article states that "those who surf the Web using a Mac tend to be better educated and make more money than their PC-using counterparts, according to a report from Nielsen/NetRatings."

Microsoft enters Wi-Fi (Posted 7/12/2002 at 12:13 AM)
Microsoft is entering the Wi-Fi market with their own hardware line.

Developing a UNIX GUI with AppleScript Studio (Posted 7/11/2002 at 9:31 AM)
Here is a web page on using AppleScript Studio to build an application calling UNIX shell scripts.

Hostal 1.2.2 (Posted 7/11/2002 at 9:01 AM)
Northern Softworks announced the release of version 1.2.2 of Hostal, its shareware Hosts file database and editor.

FileMaker Pro 6.0v2 (Posted 7/11/2002 at 8:59 AM)
A FileMaker Updater has been released today bringing it to version 6.0v2.

Apple Web Development Tutorial (Posted 7/10/2002 at 9:55 AM)
A new tutorial on Apple's developer site looks at Web development and Mac OS X, especially in regards to Project Builder, a text editor and IDE. Project Builder is targeted to Web developers working in languages like PHP and Perl.

Norton Utilities 7.01 (Posted 7/9/2002 at 2:43 PM)
An update for Norton Utilities is available via the Live Update feature.

Savitar 1.2b3 (Posted 7/9/2002 at 2:39 PM)
Savitar is a shareware MUVE client (or MUD client by another name) for Macintosh computers.

FileMaker Pro 6 (Posted 7/9/2002 at 2:13 PM)
FileMaker has officially released version 6 of FileMaker Pro.

MoonMenu 2.0.2 (Posted 7/9/2002 at 2:07 PM)
MoonMenu 2.0.2 offers a host of improvements and fixes for MacOS 9 and MacOS X that include phase sorting, fixes for latitude and longitude problems, and user interface improvements.

WeatherPop Advance (Posted 7/9/2002 at 9:42 AM)
WeatherPoP Advance puts the weather in your menu bar so you always know what it is like outside.

MySQL and PHP on Mac OS X (Posted 7/8/2002 at 11:09 PM)
For those looking to setup MySQL and PHP on Mac OS X, here is a tutorial that walks through creating a sample.

Apple MacWorld Keynote Webcast (Posted 7/8/2002 at 9:40 AM)
Apple released details of its intention to stream the event via QuickTime and satellite coordinates have also been provided.

oXygen 1.2 (Posted 7/8/2002 at 9:10 AM)
oXygen supports XML, XSL, DTD, XSD and TXT documents and can both check for valid and well-formed XML, XSL and XSD content as well as generate a DTD from XML.

The BoardRoom 2.0 (Posted 7/8/2002 at 9:05 AM)
The BoardRoom is a FileMaker Pro 5.x solution which provides an instant messaging environment, with up to 250 users online simultaneously.

SimpleDialog (Posted 7/8/2002 at 9:03 AM)
24U SimpleDialog Plug-In allows you to display almost arbitrary dialog box, pop-up menus, combine text, passwords, checkboxes, radio buttons.

FileMaker Pro 6 (Posted 7/8/2002 at 9:02 AM)
FileMaker Pro 6 has been announced and includes many new features such as XML import/export and the ability to import digital images directly from the camera on Mac OS X.

GraphicConverter 4.4.1 (Posted 7/6/2002 at 1:23 PM)
GraphicConverter has been updated to version 4.4.1 and is available for download.

PowerMail 4.0 public beta (Posted 7/6/2002 at 1:20 PM)
PowerMail 4.0 public beta released; includes interface improvements on Aqua - MacOS X + OS 9, enhancements to the address book, partial POP3 downloads, server-side message management, text clippings and much more.

Internet Explorer Updated (Posted 7/6/2002 at 1:18 PM)
Microsoft has released new versions of Internet Explorer for Mac OS 8/9 and X.

Desktastic (Posted 7/5/2002 at 10:49 AM)
Desktastic is a new application that lets you use your desktop for more than just a mess of icons. It lets you take notes, draw humorous pictures, and scribble like you're nuts.

Happy Fourth of July! (Posted 7/4/2002 at 2:32 PM)
We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy fourth of July.

Apple Evaluated by the National Information Assurance Partnership (Posted 7/3/2002 at 10:43 PM)
Apple has submitted Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server to be evalutated on a series of common criteria used by a number of countries to evaluate the security features of various technologies.

Apple confirms small number of layoffs (Posted 7/3/2002 at 10:01 PM)
Apple has confirmed a small number of layoffs at its Elk Grove facility according to this article.

Mac OS X Web Hosting (Posted 7/3/2002 at 9:56 PM)
A new Mac OS web hosting service called is now launching.

Toast Titanium 5.1.4 (Posted 7/3/2002 at 9:54 PM)
Roxio has released an update to Toast which includes a number of new features.

QuarkXpress 5.01 (Posted 7/3/2002 at 9:53 PM)
An update for QuarkXpress has been released and is supposed to "ensure faster and more reliable operation of the software."

Apple Market Share Rises Slightly (Posted 7/3/2002 at 9:47 PM)
For the current quarter (Q1, 2002), IDC shows Apple as the number six computer maker with a 3.48 percent market share.

Alarm Clock Pro 5.5.3 (Posted 7/3/2002 at 9:39 PM)
Alarm Clock Pro has been updated with new features and bug fixes.

Mac OS X "Jaguar" Ahead of Schedule (Posted 7/3/2002 at 8:31 AM)
According to this article, Apple's "Jaguar" release apears to be headed for August release.

Opera, Macromedia join on Mac efforts (Posted 7/2/2002 at 11:14 AM)
Building on its strategy to compete in niche browser markets, Opera Software has signed a deal with Macromedia to collaborate on products for the Macintosh operating system.

Proteus 2.0 (Posted 7/2/2002 at 11:10 AM)
Proteus, the cross service instant messaging application, is now available in a public preview of their 2.0 version. Switch Cartoons (Posted 7/2/2002 at 10:57 AM) has some switch cartoons including the Dell "dude" and Bill Gates.

TimeSlips for Mac Discontinued (Posted 7/2/2002 at 10:54 AM)
TimeSlips for the Mac has been discontinued. Some alternatives are TimeSlice and Time Manager.

Time Manager (Posted 7/2/2002 at 10:31 AM)
Time Manager is a FileMaker based time and billing system which, when purchased, includes full database access for customization.

MUMenu X 1.0 (Posted 7/2/2002 at 10:24 AM)
MUMenu is a Menu Extra that will check periodically for daily software updates at MacUpdate.

All By Myself (Posted 7/2/2002 at 10:22 AM)
A business launched using iMovie to make children's videos.

Dell Toasted by Xserve (Posted 7/2/2002 at 10:21 AM)
An article on the benchmarks done by Xinet.

Apple Ships First Xserve Servers (Posted 7/1/2002 at 12:36 PM)
Apple has shipped the first Xserves to customers.

Hostal 1.2.1 (Posted 7/1/2002 at 8:55 AM)
Hostal, the hosts file editor, has been updated with support for Mac OS X 10.1.5.

NewsHunter 2.0.0 (Posted 7/1/2002 at 8:53 AM)
NewsHunter is a newsgroup reader build for Mac OS X with many new features.

Clocks and Time (Posted 7/1/2002 at 8:48 AM)
Clocks and Time is designed for students and allows them to both practice telling time while doing time related word problems.

Apple buys Emagic (Posted 7/1/2002 at 8:34 AM)
Apple continues its buying spree in the video side by moving into the audio side with its purchase of German software maker Emagic.

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