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Archived News

December 23-31, 2000

An article about the coming release of MacOS X.

Steve Jobs will give the keynote for MacWorld San Francisco on January 9. It will also be webcast live.

REALbasic 3.0a16 has been released.

An article showing Apple in a positive light on SF Gate.

SETI@home has released version 3.03 of their client for Mac. It has significantly increased science analysis, so it runs slower than prior versions.

Akios has many interface enhancements for the Mac.

December 16-22, 2000

Apple has released Disk Aid version 8.6.

Barebones released a BBEdit 6.02 updater which, among other things, adds support for Compact HTML.

Filemaker has released Filemaker Mobile which gives the ability to sync and access Filemaker Databases on the Palm. for Mac 1.0 full version released. lets you send/receive/manage e-mail with any FileMaker Pro database.

Server Sentinel monitors servers and can report if they are down or restart them using PowerKey.

ProMail offers all the features you would expect in an email client, plus the functionality and flexibility of FileMaker.

The DeskStop contains textures, desktop pictures and icons to enhance your mac.

Macdesktop contains desktop pictures as well as reviews and some news.

Kids Animation Maker is a simple version of VSE Animation Maker for kids to make animated drawings.

MacSSH is a secure telnet application based on Better Telnet.

An update to MenuStrip for MacOS X has been released.

Drop Drawers 1.5 for both MacOS and MacOS X has been released.

Businessweek has an article slamming Apple... I guess the media has been waiting to start their "doom" predictions again.

Theme Creator is an application to create Filemaker Themes.

December 09-15, 2000

Apple has released the Preview 2 version of Quicktime 5.

Apple released a profit warning which warned of a loss in the current quarter.

Real Basic 3.0a14 has been released with new features as well as bug fixes.

A Wired article called "Undoing the Mac OS X Facelift".

Virtual PC 4.0 has been announced and is available for purchase online.

An article titled "Screen Wars" shows the next generation of the Mac and Windows interfaces as well as some for Linux. and are web sites for playing movies on your Mac.

December 02-08, 2000

A Mac OS X version of our free Mail a Mac application is available for download. has some screen shots of Mac OS 9.1.

Apple has updated their ad sites with all the latest television ads. story on Apple's plans to open their own retail outlets.

MacOSRumors has info on possible MacWorld announcements and PowerPC possibilities.

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