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Archived News

March 25-31, 2000

MacOS 9.04 should be available next week through the Software Update control panel.

Waves in Motion has released Analyzer 2.0v2 FOR Filemaker Pro 5.

FileMaker has launched their FileMaker XML Central.

Troi Automatisering released Troi File Plug-in 2.0b1 for FileMaker 5.

Imacination Software released Inbox! for Lasso, an easy to use plug-in for Blue World Lasso Web Data Engine that enables developers to access any POP3 email account on any server. has an article on MacOS X.

New York Daily News talks about the iMac DV and iMovie.

March 18-24, 2000

Apple has released a fix for the iBook/Powerbook disk corruption bug.

Netopia announced Timbuktu 2000.

Waves In Motion released its full version of the Web Magnet, a plug-in for Macintosh versions of FileMaker Pro, which focuses the versatility and ease of use of the number one selling database into a powerful web asset management tool.

Maclaunch has opened its list server to mac webmasters. The Maclaunch List Server provides free mailing list for Macintosh webmasters worldwide.

FileMaker Pro 5.0v3 Updater is available for download.

Pagesucker enables you to download and entire web site without ftp.

Apple has added a third distributor signalling its high sales expectations.

March 11-17, 2000

Apple has received injunctions against iMac clone makers Daewoo and eMachines.

Troi Automatisering released Troi Coding Plug-in 1.5.2 for FileMaker 5.

Stone Design software has released a few updates for their MacOS X Products as well as a free update policy from MacOS X Server to MacOS X.

MacLaunch has added weather information, announced AuctionMac and aquired the web site.

The Museum of Natural History uses G4's to run their Hall of the Universe.

Steven King's next book will ONLY be released electronically.'s review of Multi-Function peripherals.

MaxScreenSaver is a new freeware screen saver for the Mac.

Third Eye Blind uses Macs to comunicate while on the road, run their stage show and create videos.

March 04-10, 2000

VSE Be Found version 1.6 is available.

Apple announced the availability of WebObjects 4.5, an enhanced version of the world's leading application server software used to develop and deploy enterprise-level network applications for Internet, intranet, extranet and e-commerce web sites. is a web site dedicated to movies on the Mac.

Apple's stock has jumped over the last week closing around $128 per share.

Apple has scenes from the Game Developers Conference held in San Jose.

Apple has some Applescripts which will automatically update your desktop using images from net cams.

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