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June 26-02, 1999

According to Lucasfilm, Macs were instrumental in the creating of Star Wars Episode I.

Apple is merging its desktop and laptop engineering departments under one executive.

Eudora has released version 4.2 prerelease updaters for Mac and Windows versions.

PowerMail version 2.4 is now available in demo and commercial form; the full list of changes is available.

dbmailer is a new plug-in that adds outbound and inbound e-mail functionality to any FileMaker Pro database.

Version 1.7 of the Finder utility "A Better Finder Creators & Types" is now available.

Farallon announced their new Fast Starlet 24-port dual speed hub, a high-density companion to Farallon's popular 8-port dual speed hub.

The oAzium Date & Time plug-in from Waves in Motion is a collection of simple functions that let you easily manipulate time values, and even save time in the process.

MacRevolution announced they have expanded to over 1000 cities in California and now offering services to New Jersey, New York, and Oregon. All accounts include 3 e-mail addresses, 15mb of homepage space and free 24hr Mac tech support.

Swatch has begun a new time format called Internet Time.

Y2K Mac is a program which counts down the days till the year 2000 with key milestones listed.

June 18-25, 1999

VSE Be Found is the first Macintosh application that automatically submits a web page to the most popular search engines. Version 1.2 is now available.

The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc. by Owen W. Linzmayer is available from No Starch Press.

Blue World announced a new agreement with Macromedia to integrate Blue World Lasso and Macromedia Dreamweaver through a set of custom Lasso objects for Dreamweaver.

Taylor Design released TextSpresso 1.2, an update to the award winning, professional text cleaning tool for Mac OS.

Fonts Manager 3.9.2 is similar to the Mac OS Extensions Manager, but it manages Fonts instead. It allows the enabling and disabling of font suitcases and printer fonts in 'Sets', so you shrink those long Font menus.

MacRevolution is a Macintosh only Internet Service Provider offering local dial up to over 900 cites throughout the state of California.

GoClick converts any Mac file into a nice looking Web page with a single print command.

Applelinks reviews the PowerJolt 266 and 333MHz G3 Upgrade Cards. is a web site about Macintosh Security.

"Pirates of Silicon Valley" is a TNT original movie, due for its premiere US airing on June 20.

June 11-18, 1999

Smile is a freeware Applescript editor.

Day Job Softwerks announced the release of version 2.0 of its popular Netscape browser utility, NavCom Cache Control.

These are the current Mac OS software from John Mauro Software: Cyberopoly 3.0, Digital Wipeout 4.0, Trilite 3.0, PowerCalc 3.2 and PowerCalc Lite 3.2

Version 2.2 of my "A Better Finder Rename" Macintosh Finder enhancement is available.

FileMaker Inc. announced FileMaker Pro 4.1v2 English Updater.

Monkey Byte Development has recently released the MacOS version of it's hit arcade game Galactic Patrol. You can get a free demo at

New Wave Software, Inc. has developed SPI -- Software Piracy Intervention. SPI adds a protective layer to software products that allows only those end-users who legitimately purchased the software to install it.

ApplicationSentry provides an immediate and easy-to-understand display of both the memory status and the memory requirements of virtually every application on the user's computer.

Symantec now offers drive recovery services.

June 05-11, 1999

Check out the Powerbook G3 benchmarks compared to Wintel laptops.

The PowerMac G3's are now available for up to 450Mhz.

Eudora Pro 4.2 Beta 84 is now available.

MacAT 4.02 is an automatic task scheduling application.

BusinessWeek magazine announced its Annual Design Awards, and awarded Apple one Gold Design Award (for iMac) and three Silver Design Awards (for the PowerBook G3, the Power Macintosh G3, and our booth at the Macworld trade show).

Apple has a special for Dads and Grads containing a new 333-MHz iMac in any of five delicious flavors, an Epson Stylus Color 740i ink jet printer, an external Iomega USB Zip Drive and 6 100 MB Zip Disks for just $1,499.

Apple Wizards June issue has been released. Reviews include QPS' Que! CD-RW Drive, DAVE 2.1, ACTION GoMac, and Imperialism II.Dear Sir,

1984 online magazine has released their 14th issue which is available for downloading at

Sonnet Technologies lowered prices on G3 processor upgrades for PCI Power Macs. Crescendo G3 250/512K - $249.95, Crescendo G3 333/1M - $549.95.

May 29-June 04, 1999

Download our new Sherlock plug-in now. For more information on Apple's Sherlock search technology you can visit their site.

AppleShare IP 6.2 is available as a free update for version 6 customers. It includes Sherlock support and MacOS 8.6 compatibility among others.

PageNOW! eGate 1.0 for Mac OS public beta. - the script replication utility for FileMaker Pro - has been updated to 1.0.9b10 and now includes the ability to automatically identify and select fields during script replication. is an online monthly ezine bringing the latest from the nutty world of Macs to the nuts of the Mac community.

Farallon ships their new, low-cost HomeLINE solution for networking both Macs and PCs over existing phonelines in the home. HomeLINE uses the Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) standard.

Taylor Design released TextSpresso 1.1.1. an update to the award winning, professional text cleaning tool for Mac OS.

MacDirectory is looking for software and hardware vendors who have not been included in their web site to submit products by June 9.

Waves in Motion announced the availability of exciting new concept examples demonstrating the power of their line-up of FileMaker Pro plug-ins.

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